Hello my name is Michael D. Thomas,
I’m a professional photographer based in southern California, specializing in wedding, fashion, model portfolios, glamour, portrait, event photography and photojournalism and event photography. My mobile studio can and will come to your home, business or event locations to meet your photographic needs.
To be honest, as much as I love working with people and hope to work with you, I don’t want to attract clients by laying it on thick about “how great I am” and how much I can promise you. Even if it’s spoken sincerely, I think it all begins to sound false after a while. And I don’t think that’s the right foot to start a relationship on. So besides great photos, I tell my clients they should be looking for is a photographer that best suits their needs, style and personality. And be really upfront with them. I am more than happy to refer them to other photographers that may better fit their needs. I would rather do that than loose a friendship.
If you do decide to give me the honor of working with you, We Will Have Fun. You’ll see that I give my clients the kind of photographs that they can cherish forever. I offer you my professionalism, my creativity to capture who you are, to show you that we are all beautiful as ourselves, being natural and free to be comfortable in front of the camera. Your photos will be cherished for generations, bringing out emotions you thought were only in your memories.


Michael D. Thomas
"Affordable Excellence"